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Whats App Marketing

We can create client groups on your behalf on a standard phone, on a £6 p/m NONE contract tariff using 'Smarty' mobiles. We create agreed messages then send out on your behalf all sorts of targeted marketing including images & links to perhaps certain pages of your website or products.


This is the real benchmark of Social Marketing that we regularly provide to our typically Ulverston & surrounding area clients. Your Ulverston business will probably have a Facebook account set-up years ago but never get round to using it as it's meant to be for business. 'Let us do this for you' ?


We recommend if you want us to do regular postings, then we will get from you our client some basic text / topics so we can create short CATCHY scripts. We will drip tweet these. Never do we do mass messaging, instead, regular flow yields best results. You will certainly be known as a 'Happy Tweeter'.


If you instruct us to carry out work for your Ulverston based business and you opt to include Instagram as part of the overall marketing strategy, we recommend you provide to us any new business share worthiness news + as many images / logos + anything pictorial.


There really is so many forms of social media, but we recommend you stick with the UK,'s most loved ones that you will be already familiar with.


Let us do monthly email marketing campaigns for your business? This can be a breeze with using FREE accounts like Mail Chimp or Sendinblue.


Let us easily set up SMS bulk sending marketing to your client base. We use very affordable software to do this and which typically gets the GREAT results.

PC Web Chat

Taking chat messages / answering basic questions via your LIVE WEB CHAT is something we can undertake for your business. We are happy to charge you by the hour or by the volume of messages taken.

What is Business Digital Marketing = 

Digital CommunicatingAll Things Social Media

Social Media & Digital Marketing in Ulverston. Almost all UK business should spend a % percentage of their turnover on marketing and most have moved away from older hard print directory opting for all things DIGITAL. Digital marketing is any marketing undertaken on-line. Social media and emailing being a few of the most popular. My franchise business with do Yt will get your FACEBOOK or other preferred social media really promoting properly your business as its meant to do. You have no need to employ someone on your payroll, just let me provide you an MARKETING PROPOSAL for your business.

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Digital Marketing Franchise

Happy Client

By letting me run your business digital marketing & social media in Ulverston. 'True Professionals'

Affordable Digital

I can work by the hour, 1 off set price or fixed monthly fee. Why not simply try me out first?

New Client's

Based in Ulverston, I am always happy to take on new clients. My reputation speaks for itself.

All Work Done Off Site

I operate not at your business location but at my home office. I can however if you prefer work at your business premises.

Larger Projects

I can undertake larger projects with having assistance in place. No social media digital marketing project to big for me.

FREE Work Proposals

Lets chat & let me provide you a business DIGITAL proposal. I will first understand your needs then put it all in writing in an estimate.

Digital Marketing in Ulverston

‘Sue’s Services’ – t/a ‘do y t’

Digital Marketing in Ulverston

Social Media & Digital Marketing Ulvertson happy customer
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Sue chatted with me and within days provided a very professional estimate / proposal for digital services for my small business in Ulverston.

Your Business Needs US !

All business want to have someone doing their social media & digital marketing for them - 'so please let it be ME'

Digital Marketing in Ulverston

Our pricing

Social Media

£ 215
  • My Average Charges

Website Live Chat

per hour
£ 14
  • hourly or fixed monthly price


per hour
£ 22
  •  editorial text writing.
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