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Personal Trainer Franchise

for a business

With gyms coming less popular with people preferring other alternatives to keep fit like training at their own homes, there has never been a better time for you to get involved.

If you join ‘do Yt’ as a personal trainer franchise, you would offer the services that fit your skills / experience levels etc. It is your business so feel free to offer what ever you wish but please be mindful to only offer services that meet your skill set. 

Display your own certificates, training  or qualifications you have on your own personal trainer  ‘do Yt’ web page.

Personal Trainer Franchise UK
Mobile going to clients homes

Very popular at the moment especially as gyms are less in demand. Charge for travelling time and fuel as well.

From your own home training room

Why not setup you own home base training room ? a really great way for those that don’t drive and want to maximize hours in a day.

UK Personal Trainer Franchise
Work in gyms & sports centres

Why not hire yourself out on regular time slots to local gyms and sports centres ? A really great way to build your reputation.

Work place or retirement homes

Business owners & caring employers want to ever more, look after their employees. Keep fit for the elderly is also on the up ↑

Your franchise will get it’s own GREAT web page similar to this in style and fully bespoke with your contact details & offered services etc.

improveyour income & career

We are your professional front that allows you to IMPRESS your clients.

We Create Everything & Set Up Your New Business Within 7 Days. * some items are optional.


Personal Trainer Franchise

change your life

LIVE, Bespoke Setup in 7 Days

A Business for £594

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All work comes directly to you

Our personal trainer franchise allows you to use all your own contact details.This ensures all jobs to flow direct to YOU via your web page, video, marketing and all stationery.

UK's most affordable franchise

No other franchise company comes close to us on our LOW price and quality offering. Don't forget *0% commission / royalty *NO big joining fee *Work anywhere none restrictive.

A branded service = better money

If you join us as a personal trainer franchisee, you will find that having a professional brand behind you, allows for more work to get authorized faster & at higher impressive rates.

Be LIVE in business within 7 days

Gone are the days of having to wait months for a typical franchise that someone may have spent tens of thousands of pounds on to be setup. do Yt gets you in business in 7 days.

Regular Client's

Your client's pay you DIRECT
& you pay 0% royalty ever.

You choose the Services

Best Value Franchise

There are many services you can provide as a personal trainer. Simply tell you us the ones you want to offer and we will display all these on your web page and stunning marketing we also create for you. Your business will impress your client’s and you will soon build up a profitable income stream.

Get motivating your Client's !

Set fitness planS

You will soon find your client’s like to have SET fitness plans and goals.

This really is a great way to see both improvement to health and also to encourage a longevity of repeat bookings.

“believe in yourself, have dedication and enjoy what you do.”

core strength training
Designing Exercise Programs
Improving Flexibility

giving results is so Rewarding


We can add a few pictures of you here if you wish but on your own web page (similar to this one). Additional people we can also add if you employ anyone later on as you expand your business.

Fitness group
Personal trainer
Core Trainer
Nursing homes
Finally Business Made Affordable

'The LOW COST airline of franchising'

Personal trainer flyer
↓ You receive a BESPOKE business video + added to You Tube 

We Create Everything & Set Up Your New Business Within 7 Days. * some items are optional.

We add your business to GOOGLE maps
All your contact details will be here on your own web page

Your client's can schedule an appointment

or message via your web page. 

A great way for you to receive automatic BOOKED jobs (you can always re-confirm / alter later if needed) via your own JOB FORM ↓

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