handyman franchise

Handyman franchise

Only £594

No Royalty 0%   No Setup Fee  

Handyman franchise

COMPLETE Property Services

Tell us the services you want to offer & we will bespoke your new business to suit.
franchise handyman by doyt
low cost handyman franchise by doyt

We are your professional front that allows you to IMPRESS your clients.

We Create Everything & Set Up Your New Business Within 7 Days.

LOVE your new Business

No Royalty 0%   No Setup Fee   No Hidden Charges

Are You Ready For Your List Of External Jobs At The Moment !
Become a local ‘do Yt’ handyman & be part of our growing network. Your clients will soon keep you busy with repeat orders being the norm from most customers. No job is to small & usually ‘do Yt’ handymen won’t turn any down. Don’t forget its your business when you come on board and this allows for you to prioritize your job’s, diary & prices. Most ‘do Yt’ handymen offer other additional services / trades & some can even offer emergency call out services which can be lucrative ££.         

‘ External tasks will keep you BUSY’  .

If you join us and take on a handyman franchise business, you will find that having a professional brand behind you, allows for more work to get authorized faster & at impressive rates.



External and internal work allows for a steady stream of work. 

Why not join our proven business system under the ‘do Yt’ Handyman brand!

Handyman franchise business

Your business will get it’s own GREAT website similar to this in style and fully bespoke with your contact details & offered services

 Only £594

We offer the lowest cost yet best value franchises in the UK. You and your new business gets to fully use our STUNNING brand, system & lots more in so many ways. We are your professional front. ‘do Yt’ give & do for you so much you will smile forever!

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insurance claims by doYt

Small property insurance claims can achieve VERY LUCRATIVE profit. Our ‘do Yt’ handyman franchise network likes all size of jobs and even LOVE the smaller jobs that no one wants, as they tend to be BIGGER profit £. Don’t forget we do not charge you royalty 0%. 

Easily provide an estimate to your clients using our simple to use software estimate template we create just for your unique business. You get to choose or not to use it. The estimator is ideal for the bigger jobs to make you look professional and you insert all your own prices you want to charge. ‘IMPRESS YOUR CLIENT’S’ 

be your own boss with Glamess franchise
You receive a BESPOKE business video & You Tube + more

We design all your bespoke e-stationery which can also be printed.

handyman in Ambeside flyer
We add your business to GOOGLE maps
Your contact details will be here on your own web page

Your client's can book a job

or they can simply send you a message via your web page. 

A great way for you to receive automatic BOOKED jobs (you can always re-confirm / alter later if needed) via your own JOB FORM ↓

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