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With gyms coming less popular with people preferring other alternatives to keep fit like training at their own homes, there has never been a better time for you to try me out. My name is Gayle and I am a competent, trained personal trainer in Penrith and areas around.

My business as a personal trainer, is a franchise where I trade as ‘GT Services’ – t/a ‘do Yt’. I offer the usual keep fit and mobility exercising services and at a level that fits your own ability / experience.

 I have my Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in fitness & personal training.

Personal Trainer Penrith
Mobile, I will travel to your home

Very popular service at the moment especially as gyms are less in demand. 

From my home training room

I have many clients who visit me for lessons at my home base training room.

Penrith Peronal Trainer
In gyms & sports centres

I also have regular slots in local gyms and sports centres in Penrith & surrounding areas.

Work place or retirement homes

Caring employers looking after employees. Keep fit for the elderly is also on the up ↑

improvethe way clients feel about themselves

Personal Trainer in Penrith

changing lifes

You will LOVE my training methods

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LOVED trainer service

I am passionate about being self employed and running my own business. This shows through in my quality and professional training routines. I taylor all my programmes to suit your level of fitness.

A branded professional service

My business always looks professional in all I do, from wearing branded workout wear, through to my designer stationery that will impress you with my professional look.

About me and my business

My personal trainer in Penrith business is a franchise, I trade as 'GT Services' - t/a 'do Yt'. You will be guaranteed to love my service.

Affordable keep fit rates

My personal trainer business in Penrith has fair prices which means you get a superb service at reasonable rates on every session. I also give discount to repeat clients who book on a scheduled basis.

Regular Client's

Why not become one of my regular clients ?

Some of the Services I offer

There are many training services  I provide as a personal trainer. Simply tell me the ones your interested in and I will create a personalized training programme for you to IMPRESS. I live locally in Penrith so I can offer training even on short notice.

motivating My Client's

Set fitness planS

My client’s like to have SET fitness plans and goals.

This really is a great way to see both improvement to health and also to encourage a longevity of fitness levels.

“believe in yourself, have dedication and enjoy my training methods.”

core strength training
Designing Exercise Programs
Improving Flexibility

giving results is so Rewarding


Fitness group
Personal trainer
Core Trainer
Nursing homes

 Why not get some of my glossy flyers to hand out to family, work colleagues and friends ?

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