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Gardening Services in Whitehaven

Domestic & Commercial

Whitehaven Garden Services

Gardening Service in Whitehaven
Planting & Weeding

Second in demand behind my lawn cutting service, is planting and weeding. My clients are usually always willing to take my advise on colour schemes or types to plant

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Gardening Service Whitehaven
Lawn Cutting & Greening

Gorgeous looking well maintained lawns are a point of PRIDE to my business. Once you see the professional look I give to your lawn/s, your neighbours maybe a bit envious!.

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Gardening Services in Whitehaven

Green Stripe – t/a ‘do Yt’

Your garden is a valuable space in your home. Let us take away the hard work and make it a beautiful place for you to spend time in.

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When you start to use my ‘do Yt’ gardening services in Whitehaven, we can manage the entire outdoor space of your property. 


Domestic & Commercial

Whitehaven Gardening Services

We can do everything from design of a new garden to finish, including planting, patios, walling, fencing, turfing etc.

Reasonable rates ←

We charge reasonable rates so you will get a professional job every time.

All gardening services ←

We offer the full range of gardening service here in Whitehaven. 

Domestic & Commercial work ←

From just a small one off gardening job you may want doing, through to commercial regular lawn services, we are happy to do all.

Green Stripe – t/a ‘do Yt’

Commercial Landscaping Services

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Local to you in Whitehaven

Our gardening services will never let you down and you can always count on us to be there when booked for any job. We have resources from 1 person to 6.

Affordable rates

You will certainly be impressed with our affordable rates. We are NOT Vat registered so this further assists to our clients in Whitehaven.

A branded service

We are very proud of our professional branded image. Embroidered workwear / designer stationery adds to our overall company impression.

About my business

My business is a franchise covering Whitehaven and all surrounding areas. I trade as: Green Stripe - t/a 'do Y'. We know you will be impressed with our services.

Garden Services in Whitehaven

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Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 19.00

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