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 ‘do Yt’ business directory

girl friday
Girl Friday Franchise

Doing Tasks People Need Help With, + Home care ? Ironing ? Shop Stand in ? Any Task ? Our Glamess GIRL FRIDAY is your one stop solution for all sort of LOCAL assistance. Carrying out tasks / jobs at your home or business with this super service. Some Girl Fridays even accompany eldery on needed day outs or holidays away.

Handyman franchise
Handyman Franchise

Take on BIG or small jobs, its your choice. Become a local ‘do Yt’ handyman & be part of our growing network. Your clients will soon keep you busy with repeat orders being the norm from most customers. Offer both commercial or domestic work solo or perhaps you want to work with a partner to expand your business.

man van removal franchise
Man & Van Franchise

A very MUCH in demand service where you will be collecting then dropping off all sorts of items ranging from small or part house moves to business fulfillment work. Make great money driving + doing helpful tasks. Some really affordable low cost vans can be rented if you prefer instead of buying.

Carpet Fitter
Carpet & Floor Fitting Franchise

This business should keep you busy fitting all types of flooring. Work for both private or sub contract to flooring suppliers. Your ‘do Yt’ carpet & floor fitting business allows you to earn a truly great living doing something you love doing. 'set your own income level & working hours'

do Yt Oven Cleaning Franchise
Oven Cleaning Franchise

If your looking for a good money making opportunity then this business type is for you. Make great money doing *oven Cleaning *hob cleaning *Aga oven cleaning *barbeque cleaning *range oven cleaning *microwave cleaning *extractor hood cleaning both domestic + commercial.

Virtual PA Service Franchise
Virtual PA Service Franchise

Day to day tasks like arranging meeting times, dates, venues, reschedule appointments, organise mailbox folders, reply to messages, forward important mails, social media, personal assistant, administration, invoicing and chasing payments, even coordination, calendar management etc

cheap pet care franchise
Pet Care Franchise

A popular service choice in the UK with being a pet loving nation. Dog walking & sitting service are very much in demand. You choose the services to offer: *dog walking *pet care at home *pet feeding * pet taxi serve *light grooming. You will feel like your not working with a Pet Care business!

the best gardening franchise
Gardening Franchise

An all year round very in demand service. All types of gardening services both domestic & commercial work. You choose the services you want to offer, some being: *grass cutting & greening * weeding & planting *turfing *pruning & hedge trimming *garden clearances. You may even enjoy doing landscaping if you get asked by your clients where this can be very profitable ££.

Upholstery Cleaning Franchise
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Franchise

It is a known fact that some customers get their carpets & rugs cleaned at least once a year. Upholstery is a good earner & if you join us as a ‘do Yt’ business owner, you can offer domestic & commercial work in any area unrestricted. As well as property, why not offer vehicle upholstery cleaning ?

Pest Control Franchise do Yt
Pest Control Franchise

Be kept busy with all types of work coming in. Typical bug & bee procedures, through to easy woodworm timber treatments. You can also offer EMERGENCY RESPONSE for clients that need a job doing in a hurry which also comes with a ££ premium charge. This is certainly a MUST service that people cannot do without.

domestic commercial cleaning
Cleaning Franchise

Both commercial & domestic clients will soon have your diary full for your cleaning services both one offs & repeats. When it comes to profitable commercial work, almost ALL business’s want regular office, or premise cleans. Usually you would provide a set price for a pre-agreed cleaning routine / plan hence regular income.

do Yt Gutter & Conservatory Cleaning Franchise
Gutter/Conservatory Clean Franchise

When cleaning UPVC, use light cleaning solutions then a light jet wash or pole clean that will leave your clients feeling like they have just installed a new conservatory or window frames / doors ! Gutters and downspouts etc are easily cleaned with a power hose and hand tools. You will soon find that all neighbours to where you are working will also call you when they see you working nearby. Your clients will certainly be having you back on a yearly basis.

UK Personal Trainer Business Franchise
Personal Trainer Franchise

Being a home based keep fit & personal training is on the up ↑. Gyms are less in demand & clients like the privacy of their home .You can hire yourself out to gyms / sports venues etc & you will find a growing demand from home based clients. Elderly are a good source of regular work assisting them with basic movements & stretching.

UK Computer Repair Franchise
Mobile Computer Repair Franchise

Work either from a spare room at home or do simpler fixes at your clients home or business.This is the business ideally suited to those a bit techie. Computer assistance / set up service for the elderly is particularly popular especially helping them to set up and showing them basics on how to use when they buy a new PC etc. Commercial work even monthly paid ££ retainers to be on 'TECH STANDBY' can be very profitable.

TV Aerial & Satellite Installation Franchise do Yt
TV, Aerial, Satellite Installation Franchise

This is certainly a needed service with every house & most business's having the need for some form of aerial. Regular call backs for maintenance brings extra income ££. Every time someone moves home they will probably come across your ‘do Yt’ business via all the free / included Google & Bing search engine indexing we do for your new web page.

Window Cleaning Franchise
Window Cleaning Franchise

Perhaps you offer HIGH LEVEL CLEANING using a water fed pole typically upto 30ft ? a great way to expand your business. Window Cleaner Business Customers always want to have GLEAMING windows & will pay well. Commercial work using cleaning poles brings good income and clients will usually book you on a regular basis

car valeting franchise
Mobile Car Valeting Franchise

We recommend you offer valeting services across lots of vehicle / sectors: *car *vans & Lorries *mobile & static caravans *boats. People are always vehicle PROUD & this makes it great to get a regular income £ stream. Only a limited amount of equipment is needed for this business .

Jet Washing Franchise

This business type is one of our most popular ones. An easy to start choice with only a basic machine is needed. Patios, paths, playgrounds, render & roof moss etc. All year round you can be kept busy & perhaps you want to take work on removing gum & wall graffiti from pavements doing contract work via your local council.

Loft Access & Insulation Franchise

Every property in the UK has a roof and usually a loft access. A MASSIVE opportunity for you with this business choice fitting ladders, floor boarding, lights & storage shelves. Perfect timing to get involved in the government’s NEW £2 billion home insulation scheme paying up to £5,000 in grants.

tree surgeon
Tree Surgeon Franchise

Working with ALL THINGS TREES. If you have a head for heights & a love for the outdoors then this business is for you. Maybe you want to go into business with a partner or you want to be the only boss ? it's your choice & you can expand as much as you like for no extra costs.

Digital Marketing Business
Digital Marketing Franchise

If you want to work from home and like SOCIAL MEDIA then this business is ideal for you.Your will promote local or even national companies to get better known with you using all sorts of social media and other techniques with no formal experience needed. Business's now spend a large % on digital marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

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